Frequently Asked Questions

1. What advantages does custom cabinetry provide vs modular, premanufactured “stock” cabinets?
Stock cabinets are only available in standard sizes which often results in the use of large “fillers.” this causes underutilization of valuable cabinet space. Stock cabinet colors, special finishes, architectural details, options, and hardware choices are very limited. Custom cabinets are not limited to standard sizes allowing maximum cabinet space and functionality. In addition, custom cabinets offer a limitless choice of: colors, special finishes, architectural details, options, as well as hardware choices.
2. How does the price for custom cabinets compare to “stock” cabinets?
Custom cabinets are not necessarily more expensive than “stock” cabinets. When comparing the higher quality of materials and craftsmanship, and flexibility in design and finishes, many customers realize “custom” far surpasses “stock” cabinets when actually comparing “apples to apples.”
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